Daily Brief: Social Integrity, Energy Poverty, Hungry Hunger, and Web 2.GOV

Here’s your Daily Brief for August 17th:

Does Drinking FIJI Water Prop Up a Dictatorship? (via Triple Pundit) – This piece illustrates the importance of “social integrity” in cause and cause-related marketing and branding.

Can international oil companies tackle energy poverty in Nigeria? (via Business Fights Poverty) – Emma Wilson, a senior researcher at the International Institute for Environment and Development, presents an argument that oil companies can (and should) play a greater role in Nigeria’s development. Currently, 60% of Nigerians have no access to electricity while it exports 86% of its oil production.

Is Africa The Next Breadbasket? (Via The Atlantic) – As food demand rises with our growing population, sub-Saharan Africa could serve as the “next breadbasket” filling this demand through dramatic increases in yields. And according to the World Bank, agricultural development is 2x as effective at alleviating poverty than other sources of growth. But what is standing in the way? The continent’s long history of corruption, poor infrastructure, and a lack of market access.

The Most Interesting New Tech Startup of 2009 (via Anil Dash) – Wait, what? The US government? New websites like Data.gov, Recovery.gov, and USAspending.gov are revolutionizing the US government’s online presence.

I think there is a lot to be taken from this that can be applied worldwide from the private sector to the public sector. Applying the principles of increased transparency, accountability, and predictability with Web 2.0 can revolutionize any organizational structure and its relationship with supporters, investors, and stakeholders.

By : Marco Puccia /August 17, 2009 /Cause Marketing, Economics of Africa /1 Comment

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  1. Vodafone loves Blackberry November 28, 2009 5:50 PM Reply

    i hate to see rich people spending millions of dollars 4 stupid things and the 3rd world dies in hunger. if everbody gives yearly 2,5% of his richness. the world would be better…

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