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Here’s your Daily Brief for July 31st:

The Latest Open Source Innovators: Nike and Best Buy? (via Triple Pundit) – The video on this site really does a great job of covering the evolving nature of network-centric information-sharing and the significance this can have in driving innovation.

Kuv Capital and Emergent Entrepreneur Ecosystems (via – Nathaniel published this quick post on Kuv Capital and its founder Herve Cuviliez. Kuv Capital focuses on seed funding for early-stage entrepreneurs, but also on creating the appropriate ecosystems for entrepreneurship to thrive. Herve will be at SOCAP09.

The Hub: Bay Area Launches With Fantastic Forum (Video) – I’m including my own post on today’s Daily Brief — I posted video from the launch of The Hub: Bay Area. This is a must-watch for anybody in the field, or anybody working on getting into the field!

Saw this yesterday and forgot to include it — enjoyable read:

An Open Letter to the Development Posse: Lighten Up Already! – Posted on the fantastic NextBillion blog, Philip LaRocco posts an open letter to the development community sharing a philosophy that I personally share — lighten up and have fun with what you’re doing, you’ll do better!

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